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„The Crisis as chance – which Tools are important for the future.“ - Enthusiastic feedback after a speech of Holger Korn in front of the members of the German Companies Network BVMW.


Korn Consult GmbH finalized successfully a crisis project in a German (KMU) company. After 20-month work, KC succeeded by specific re-organization of the calculations, productiveness control and a change management, stopping the driving downhill and putting back a positive operating result.


Mercedes-Benz Car Group of Daimler AG has requested Korn Consult GmbH and KC & Partner SRL to conduct a MBC Readiness Program in the series production to a Key Supplier Tier 1 for several sites in Western and Eastern Europe. This project has been for the first time implemented to several international locations with connected manufactured products. The scope of the project has been to analyze the series manufacturing and development processes into a transparent manner and after a comprehensive root cause analysis, defines sustainable improvement and preventive actions.


We assist a global Business to achieve Business Excellence in the field of internal Self-Assessment and in the Application of EFQM designs in various business areas.


Korn Consult GmbH receives the order from the Mercedes Car Group of Daimler AG, to conduct a MBC Readiness Program in the product development of an important 1. Tier supplier. This complex project is driven first time in a development department and implemented sets new standards on behalf of Mercedes-Benz Cars. The target is to analyze the product development processes and bring more transparency. First step is to measure (collect datas in the Q-gate) and after a comprehensive root cause analysis, to define sustainable improvement and preventive actions.


Successfully finalizing of a 6 month (2 weeks cycle) running Daimler MBC - Mercedes Benz Readiness Program Quality. Sustainable development of improvement oriented feed-back control systems will guarantee a stable quality and logistic process. De-escalation from Q:Help 2 to Q:Help 1 and reduction of the Q-Gate costs (200.000 EURO per month) within 3 month.


To create more efficiency and professional services for our customers, KORN CONSULT is upgrading to an German „GmbH“ – named KORN CONSULT GmbH


BSI as an international 3rd Party certification body got an execution at their annual auditors exchange of experiences. The execution subject VDA securing the maturity level method and the comparison, analogy and varieties with VDA 4.1, VDA 4.3 and APQP.


Know how transfer in the german business companies. Holger Korn from Korn Consult will share experience and knowledge about a foundation of KC & PARTNER SRL in Romania at the IHK work shop „Hessen meets Europe“. Questions will be answered. - www.hessen-meets.de


Training Core Tools (APQP/PLP) successfully with positive customer feedback done.


The Daimler Mercedes Car Group creates the MBC Readiness Program Quality for their supplier base. To drive systematic and efficient improvements in a case of Q-Help 2 or 3 escalation in the supplier base. KORN CONSULT is one of five approved company to drive this program.


Extensive EFQM Moderation in internal EFQM Self-Assessment of OEM (no motor vehicle manufacturers)


ISO/TS 16949:2002 Witness Audit has been carried out from IATF, confirmed the competence of KORN CONSULT.


Expansion Portfolio for our customers due to a cooperation with a service provider. - Ananjo Computer Scientists Fischer, Simon & Partner


Presentation of Korn Consult at the Cooperation Point Automotivenet. Representatives of the automotive manufacturing discussed a project cooperation. - www.zentec.de


For support and consulting of companies in Eastern Europe and support of our customers locally subsidiaries, we create their own subsidiary in Timisoara (Romania) named KC & Partner Consulting SRL.


For you to become around still more efficient, we had opened a team office for our consultants in Frankfurt.


Specialized authority of our industry by manager magazine confirms: Small special advisors are often better in their niches than McKinsey, BCG or Roland Berger. Here an excerpt from the exclusive study


KORN CONSULT is in the accredited advisor pool for those demea German material efficiency agency VDI/VDE innovation + technology GmbH. And with it entitled efficiency analyses in small and medium sized companies with the attached advancement program to accomplish.


The KORN CONSULT Homepage www.korn-consult.de is online.


Formation of KORN CONSULT