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Recommendation letters

Petronas Lubricants - appreciating professionality and drivingPetronas

… really appreciated your professionality and driving in these 2 years, the success of this project is largely also thank to you and the steers provided.
Our collaboration is not yet finished!

Head of Health Safety Environment Quality Europe
Supporting customer for more robust processesTT Electronics

... thanks for your support during the last days - it really helped us. We need to get the more robust product process reliably working within the next weeks - I am waiting for proposal of KORN CONSULT on best practices how to implement this based on KORN CONSULT experience.

Vice President & General Manager
Management Consulting / Development of global Organization structure based on BechmarkTeklas Kauçuk A.Ş

Dear Mr. Haart,
Dear Mr. Bistriceanu,

we would like to express our appreciation for your commitment, flexibility and dedication to be involved in our challenging project!

We would like to underline that the structured approach, intensive communication and the experienced background from your side have helped us in developing a quality organization fo the global challenges.

For us it was important to have a partner who understands the cultural challenges, is an "open-mind" and comes with strategic solutions that bring a pragmatically approach to steer the quality function on our global footprint.

Through this letter, we are pleased to express our succesful experience with the KORN CONSULT Team!

Board Member
OEM and 1. Tier impressed by KORN CONSULTBMW

It would be the first time in his activity as OEM representative that a 1ST Tier supplier has expressed positive feeling in retrospect about the excellent services of an external consultant (KORN CONSULT), although the supplier has been strongly motivated by the OEM to involve an external consultant. KORN CONSULT GROUP advises a professional practice-oriented approach (Analysis, Question -> Impact), different than other consultants in what regards the prioritization of tasks. He is impressed and wishes to resume the collaboration with the team.

Abteilungsleitung Fachbereich
The KORN CONSULT team has been heavily engaged in the implementation of quality improvement for the Norma Group around Europe.Norma Group

The KORN CONSULT team has been heavily engaged in the implementation of quality improvement for the Norma Group around Europe. The KORN CONSULT team has shown an extraordinary degree of professionalism and expertise. The tasks set were processed not only to the absolute customer satisfaction, but could also be completed in an extremely tight time span. I can therefore recommend Mr. Korn and his team with full conviction to those who need professional help on quality issues in the short term.

Plant Manager
Activity, Service, China & Asia StrategyLUKOIL

Thanks for you & your team real professional work during last year. We have a lot of experience with consultant companies in the past.
But case with your company was extremely pleasant for us. We are pretty sure that we will need your consultancy!

Project Manager
Professional OverviewLUKOIL

... thank you for a good professional overview which we appreciate a lot.
Each time after meeting ... we feel more encouraged for professional growth and improvement.

Workshop participants feedbackContiTech
  • ... the workshop was well structured, the 8D steps were explained in detail...
  • ... more topics have been clarified for the nonconforming product management method...
  • ... the subjects were based on specific examples - very good approach...
  • ... explicit and interactive, I identified new things that I'm going to implement in pratice...
Workshop Participants
Workshop participants feedbackTRW Automotive
  • ... precise information about the turtle model and the audit preparation ...
  • ... good workshop with recommended best practices ...
  • ... useful workshop to understand customer's point of view and the methodology ...
Workshop Participants
VDA audit principlesTRW Automotive

A project initiated with the scope to understand the VDA audit principles and objectives has
been structured and finalized by Mr. Bistriceanu with professionalism.

Quality Manager