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Top Consultant 2019 - enBest of Consulting 2018 enMake solid production processes operativeWe deliver a practice-oriented Shop Floor ManagementSucceed with our vast knowledgeFirm up Supply Chain assurance and sustainabilityOperative implementation of product development Implement change and management processes successfully

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Sustainable consulting services for companies are the focus of our activities. Our specialists stand by you with many complex topics and contribute to sustainable improvements in your processes.

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Have you got problems finding appropriate staff for your management level? Temporarily, we can offer you the manager services that you need, based on your urgent needs.

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We are a development and technology partner - our services cover the entire product life cycle from the initial product concept through to continuous process optimization.

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KORN CONSULT GROUP launches support for M&A projects.
Mergers & Acquisitions is a generic name for most of the known types of transactions in the corporate sector.
For exchange and further training, we recently invited Mr. Gerber - an expert from the auditing company I-ADVISE AG - at our headquarter.
The KORN CONSULT GROUP is your partner in planning and implementation of such a transaction project. - More


The KORN CONSULT GROUP in China was commissioned by a global tier 1 manufacturer, to conduct KPI improvement and de-escalation project at one of its suppliers. Our local Senior Consultants work over the KCG 4-phases modell on weakness and root cause analysis. Subsequently, they are on-site as operational support to fulfill the KPI and de-escalation criteria specified by the tier 1 in robust processes in the production plant.

For the 6th time in a row, the KORN CONSULT GROUP was named Top Consultant of the Year

For the 6th time in a row, the KORN CONSULT GROUP was named Top Consultant of the Year. As part of the award ceremony on 28.06.2019, the former Federal President Christian Wulff congratulated us on this outstanding team success.
"We are proud to be holding this award again in our hands and we thank all our colleagues for the involvement as well as our customers for the honest feedback," says CPO, Markus Schäfer. More


With our many years of project management experience, we support a manufacturer in the field of e-mobility to bring a complex project with problems in the achievement of goals back on the road to success. In doing so, we provide both methodological advice, focusing on the success factors in project management, as well as the implementation of management tools, thus improving the efficiency of achieving the goals. More


TISAX is an automotive information security standard based on ISO / IEC 27001. For suppliers, TISAX certification is becoming increasingly important in order to stay in business with OEMs in the future. With hands-on and TISAX-experienced Senior Consultants, KORN CONSULT GROUP can assist all suppliers in the preparation of TISAX such as analysis, design, implementation and efficacy testing. More

KCG Academy

At the end of June, the second KCG Academy took place in Germany with our European team. We use this gathering on a quarterly basis to discuss current topics and to exchange knowledge. The focus was on communicating Agile Development methods, such as SCRUM methodology, and how we can support our customers in an Agile organizational and team development, taking PDCA cycle into account.


The KORN CONSULT GROUP in South Africa was commissioned by a Tier 1 automotive supplier for support in their complaint management. The experienced Senior Consultant Team helps in reviewing and improving all cross-functional and cross-departmental processes and tasks. The necessary countermeasures are also defined so that in the future more KPI and solution-oriented work can be done.


After completing a coaching project with a 15-month success story in the area of hybrid electric vehicle (e-mobility), the final interview with the client, the coachee and the human resources department also resulted in the same feedback for the outstanding performance of the coaching with measurable success in Change Management of the coachee.
With 100% percentage in the Net Promoter Scale, we received an excellent customer feedback.