Quality is not accidental, it is the result of effective business processes™


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PDCA Cycle (Plan / Do / Check / Act)

Deming Cycle or Shewhart PDCA Cycle describes a process for problem solving in four steps, which is the baseline for Quality Control. The PDCA Cycle is also applicable for continues improvement process of Kaizen concept.


the process before implementation: plan includes the identification of potential improvement (usually by the operator or team leader), analyze the current status and develop a new concept (with intensive involvement of the organization's team).


the implementation of shared opinions, introduction and implementation on controlled environment, by trying, testing and optimization of the practical concept, simple techniques (ex. Temporary Devices) on a single working station (with intensive involvement of the organization’s team).


the process’s achievement and its result, detail analysis regarding its success on extended environment as organization’s standard.


introduce and review the new implemented standard in the organization (assessments). This is a "major action" to extend to all organization’s activities (changes of work plans, NC programs, provide training, adjustments of operational and organizational structure) as well may include substantial investments (at all similar jobs in all plants).